Ketel One | 750 ml

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A meticulously crafted vodka from a Dutch distillery that has remained a family business for 10 generations since 1691. The Dutch refer to their pot stills as 'ketels', thus this vodka is named after the Nolet's original 1864 'Distilleer ketel #1' which is still used in the production process. Spirit distilled in this and other copper alembic stills is blended with highly rectified column still wheat neutral spirit.

Volume: 750 ml ABV: 40% Origin: Netherlands  


Tasting Notes

This vodka is clean with distinct lemon notes on the nose backing up some hefty hospital character. The body is crisp and sharp with classic medicinal character, and also mildly lemony with a slight backbone of vanilla. Lovely balance on the whole, making it easy to enjoy straight or in any number of cocktails. A clear go-to that deserves its spot on the back bar.

Source: Drink Hacker


Salty Martini by Salvatore Calabrese 

+ 75ml Ketel One Vodka
+ 7.5ml Martini Extra Dry Vermouth
+ 7.5ml Fino sherry
+ 5.0ml Caper brine (from jar) 

Method: Long stir for generous dilution.