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Jägermeister is a German bitter-sweet liqueur made from 56 varieties of herbs, fruits and spices, macerated in spirit for up to six weeks and then matured in oak before blending. Although established in 1878, Jägermeister did not produce this liqueur until 1935. The recipe has not changed since its creation over 75 years ago and is still served in its signature green glass bottle. 

Size: 1 Litre ABV: 35% Origin: Deutschland  


Tasting Notes

At room temp, it reveals its charms: light anise notes, plenty of cinnamon, prunes, orange peel, almonds, and dried ginger. A chocolate and gingerbread character rumbles along on the finish, bringing with it thoughts of Christmas and warm fires. It’s altogether well balanced, yet complex. Sure, you can drink this ice cold, but that dulls most of the flavors aside from licorice and prune.

Source: Drink Hacker


Hunter's Tea by Jägermeister promotion.

+50ml Jägermeister
+50ml Cold brew black tea
+20ml Fresh lime juice
+15ml Maple syrup

Method: Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir gently.