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Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey and was named No.7 by "Mr Jack" himself in 1887 no one knows why. The original all-conquering cola-friendly colossus, Jack Daniel's No. 7 commands a legion of fans worldwide, thanks to the sweet smoothness imparted by the Lincoln County Process of charcoal-mellowing the spirit before maturation.
Volume: 1 Litre ABV: 40 % Origin: United States  


Tasting Notes

Color: dark caramel
Nose: gentle aromas of caramel, vanilla and butterscotch, hint of wood and toffee notes
Palate: smooth, smoky sweetness, corn syrup notes, light licorice, freshly brewed coffee, nuts, English toffee
Finish: quick, sweet finish with nice oak notes and hint of spices


JD Coke

+40ml Jack Daniels
+Top up with Coca Cola

Method: Build on a highball glass with ice cubes.