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Grey Goose vodka launched in 1997. It is distilled from wheat grown in Picardie, northern France using a five column process to produce a neutral spirit. Grey Goose is then blended with demineralised limestone-filtered spring water. The Maître de Chai for Grey Goose is François Thibault, who developed the original recipe for the vodka in Cognac, France.

Size: 700ml ABV: 40% Origin: France  


Tasting Notes

It’s easy to see why Grey Goose has become one of the most successful new liquor brands in recent years. This is a fantastic vodka, smooth and lightly sweet, with a nutty nose and aftertaste that works well in cocktails and adds an interesting complexity when served straight.

Grey Goose is very mild, quite neutral on the whole. Maybe a hint of pepper, or citrus fruit, if you search for it. It’s also not too oily, even when ice cold, a common trait of virtually all vodkas.

Sourece: Drink Hacker