Glenfiddich 18 Years | 700 ml

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Fine Spanish Oloroso wood and American oak mature this rich, intriguingly fruity and robust oak expression. Every one of our batches is individually numbered. Each has extraordinary consistency and character, from an intense marrying period. And a warming, distinguished finish. 

 Size: 700ml ABV: 40% Age: 15 Years Origin: Scotland  

Tasting Notes

Nose: Loads of fruit. Zesty grapefruit, baked toffee apples. Dry, chocolate Flake-y wood and cinnamon.
Palate: Candied fruits and Glenfiddich freshness balances richer notes of dried apricot, more cinnamon and toffee, ginger and dry Sherry.
Finish: Peels and a touch of salted toffee.
Overall: A wonderfully rich and enjoyable Glenfiddich single malt.