Captain Silvers | 1 Litre

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Captain Silver is a spicy, distinctively Puerto Rican White Rum, The Captain Rum masters have created a unique blend of the finest selections of spices and other natural flavourings such as vanilla, apricot and fig. It is then aged for rapid maturation. This rum is the perfect for mojito & cuba libre, with a lighter and sweeter flavour.

Size: 1 Litre ABV: 37.5% Origin: Puerto Rico  


Tasting Notes

Appearance: Crystal clear.
Aroma: Short, mellow and dry with hints of spice.
Palate: Pulsating flavours of tropical spice and smooth vanilla finish.


Cuba Libre

+50ml Captain Silvers Rum
+10ml Fresh lime juice
+Top up with fizzy cola

Method: Build over ice in a tall glass.