Cachaca 51 | 1 Litre

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Cachaca 51 is an unaged white cachaça. Made from top quality cane varieties in Brazil's plantation heartland. It is the biggest selling brand of its type in the world (as of 2013), and indeed second best selling of all world spirits. This makes an excellent Caipirinha.
Volume: 1 Litre ABV: 40 % Origin: Brazil  


Tasting Notes

Cachaca 51 has the traditional fuel-like pungency of cachaca up front, but it’s folded in with some interesting notes of lime zest and lemongrass, tempering the petrol overtones considerably. The body is a bit sweeter than most cachacas, offering notes of light brown sugar, spearmint, and more citrus fruits — lime, especially — on the back end.
The palate is on the thin side and the finish is a bit saccharine, but mixed into a caipirinha or, well, anything else, that might actually work to its advantage.

Source: Drink Hacker


+1 Fresh lime
+3 spoon Powdered sugar
+50ml Cachaca 51